Laser Dentistry

Cypress Pediatric Dentistry is excited to be able to offer laser dentistry to our patients.  Dr. Shelton is commited to ensuring her patients have the best dental experience possible.  In our office, we use our Biolase hard tissue laser to assist in numbing the tooth - this allows us to do most of our fillings on primary teeth with out anesthesia!  Our laser can also be used on the soft tissue inside the oral cavity to remove excess tissue or perform frenectomies.  Using the laser for soft tissue procedures allows for faster healing and decreased bleeding.  It also prevents post-operative complications such as biting on numb cheeks or lips -- since there is no profound soft tissue numbness when we use the laser for treatment of primary teeth.  


In addition to our BIOLASE waterlaser, we have recently added the LighScalpel CO2 laser to our practice.  This laser is great for frenectomies and other soft tissue procedures.


To learn more about laser dentistry and how your child may benefit from a laser treatment, please contact our practice and schedule an appointment!

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